Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What Matters -

On this blog, we will talk about what matters.

Here I declare that Gray Matters (including comprehensive care) and the Ocean Matters!  I also declare that these are not void of fun and laughs!  Actually, fun is part of comprehensive care.  We will talk straight and we very well might talk out of the typical box.

Love.  Yes, we must love ourselves and the world that our Source created for us.  What is getting in our way?  Is it faulty mindsets, must we step out of our own way?  We cannot love others until we are able to appreciate or love ourselves.  Often when disaster strikes, a lot of crap happens, but a spiritual renewal happens.  Don't just dwell on the negatives, we are given new feelings, new sensitivities.  Don't forget -
We are all related.


Friday, February 6, 2015

Welcome to Gray Matters blog

 Welcome all to the Gray Matters blog.

Please feel at home and glance around my site.  Dance around my site, there are some fun findings!  Make sure to check out the Gray Matters book page and on the Poetry page, see a sample of my writings.  Read and take a memory home with you.  Perhaps order the book.  There are gems inside.  See Maggie amidst the Reviews.

The thing about brain injury, you can absolutely play with the mind - beware your mind may be played with!  Take your shoes off, allow yourself to have some fun.