Monday, August 24, 2015

What is Aphasia?

Aphasia – Loss of the ability to express oneself (Expressive Aphasia) and/or to understand language (Receptive Aphasia).  Aphasia is caused by damage to brain cells rather than deficits in speech or hearing organs.

The following is a poem on Aphasia out of the book Gray Matters:
                                       Expressive Aphasia
It’s on the tip of my tongue…
I know exactly the meaning of what I’m looking for...

Mental strain,
Constipation of the mind,
And nothing comes,
I know that if I turn off my inner talk,          
It is more likely to emerge,
                              From the depths of my subconscious.
I’ve come to see,
 I reap the benefits
Of this strain to my mental muscle,
I put it in high gear,
In the mode of - must find,
I strive for articulation of my mind.

I believe this is where my poetic yearning did begin,
In a routed search,
Wild striving into memory,
 Both mentally and emotionally.
I’d scan universes beyond my origin,
Reach in and pin down my feelings
To capture the thought
And write it down.

Yes, I said I’d write it down,
Just as was encouraged in rehab,
For memory’s sake!
                                 Strengths manifest,
                     Out of the fires of rehabilitation,
Expression on command,
My semantic dream,
 … Aphasic return.
                                Receptive Aphasia

What you talkin’ about, girl?

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